Why you have to know where you want to go

Last year I made the goal to make it to RAWards, and I made it. I realize now that my goal should have been to win.

Often in life we get what we believe we can achieve. I believed that I could become nominated for RAWards, but never truely believed that I could win, and so I didn't. Which is okay. I learned a lot from the experience. The two most important lessons that I learned were:

1. Always believe in yourself, really believe in yourself. If you don't no one else will.

I recently was introduced to Gabrielle Bernstien after watching an interview that Maire Forleo did. She talks a lot about manifestation. Believing in yourself, and picturing yourself exactly where you want to be. We sell ourselves short because of fear. We put up our own walls.

2. Know your values and stick to them.

While at RAWards there were some people that were very dedicated to winning, and it didn't bring out their best side. Others encouraged me, and said that if I wanted to win, I needed to not be so nice. I decided if winning meant not being kind and loving, I didn't want to win. This was a great realization for me. In everything that I do , my goal goes far behind selling scarves.

 In the bigger picture I want to inspire, encourage, and demonstrate love to others through my work. I walked away proud that I didn't comprise to fit into the crowd.

I'm thankful for every opportunity that has come my way. Having the experience of working with models, hair, and makeup, and seeing my pieces go down the runway is exciting. It's a learning experience.

Everything in life is a learning experience. Approach each event, each moment in life, and ask what you can give to the moment, and what you can learn from it. Having an open and accepting attitude can change everything about your life.

The doors will open if you let them.

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