What I Wore: Scarf Style

Tara Gentile wrote an awesome post about listening to your audience, and then responding to what you hear. As I thought about, I realized that I was listening, but wasn't doing a great job responding.The two most common things that I heard from you were.

1. I don't feel like I know how to style a scarf

2. I don't know what outfit to wear the scarf with

It's my new goal to do the following: do more posts that show my whole outfit, so that you can get new ideas about color and pattern combinations. I"m also going to do more videos giving you tips on how to wear your scarf. Want to see more... tell me , I'll listen and respond!

What I Wore:

Jeans: dark blue, I think that I got them at kholes

Boots: Black, from Kholes

Dress/ Top: Beebop and Wally, shades of orange, grey, cream, rust and brown

Scarf: Amber Kane, Gold and burgundy

How I Wore It

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