DIY crochet scarf using double and bubble crochet

Amber Kane shows you how to Crochet from amber kane on Vimeo.

Scarf with double crochet and bubble crochet.

I used a size K crochet hook, but you can do this with whatever size hook you like and what gauge yarn you prefer.

Start by doing a chain stitch and making it as wide as you wish you piece to be. I did 36 stitches to make a pretty wide scarf.

Do three rows of double crochet to give you a nice edge.

8 double crochet stitches, then you are going to do 3 bubble stitches, complete the rest of your row with double crochet.

Start your next row. You are now going to do double crochet until you reach the section where you did the three bubble stitches before. ( this will vary depending on how wide you decided to make your scarf) You will then do another three bubble stitches and then switch back to double crochet until you are reach the end of the row.

When I did this the first time, I found that it was easy to add stitches when going back and forth between the double crochet and the bubble crochet, so until you get the hang of it, be sure to keep checking your piece to make sure that it isn't growing wider as you go.

To make the piece a cowl or infinity scarf, once you are finished, line up your two ends, place your crochet hook through both ends and do a single crochet stitch the whole way down.

Tie off your end, and weave the extra end back through the crochet part, to hide the knot, and ensure that it doesn't come undone.

Now take a photo and share it with me. I love to see finished products. 

I added a section of leather to mine, because I love mixed media, the pattern that I gave you does not include directions for the leather. You can purchase this scarf here. 

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