Why you should spend more time saying Yes to your Dreams

Meet Lacey. I haven't made one like her in awhile, however people always love this design, so I thought that I should make a few more. 

While working on Lacey, I was thinking about one simple word. I was thinking about the word  "yes". It's a simple word, but it carries so much power. Power, that many ignore.

What if you said YES to following your dream?

What if said YES to letting someone help you?

What if you said YES to that great opportunity?

I don't want to spend my life asking the question what if? I want to spend my life saying YES, and moving forward. 

So I said yes to spending some money and working with Gotham City Films

I said yes to sending a scarf to LA, and gifting it to Emily Osment

I said Yes to applying for huge Craft show, that is intimidating to me

I don't know where these opportunites will lead, but I do know that I won't be looking back and asking what if?

What should you be saying YES to?

Name: Lacey
Material: Cotton, tencel yarn and metal
Method: Plain weave, braided with metal charms
dimensions: 12x 76"
Care: Dry Clean Only

One of  Kind
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