Why Stuff Does Matter

I was listening to a few episodes of After the Jump this week, and one of them was an interview with Megan Auman, about her Stuff does Matter Manifesto. Listening to this interview really struck a cord with me. As a maker, someone who cares about our environment, poverty, and our economy I often wrestle with the idea of making stuff.

For quiet some time, I had trouble explaining why I created scarves, why it was important, and why someone should purchase one of my scraves instead of just cutting up a bedsheet and wrapping it around their neck.

As I wrestled with these thoughts, I came up with a few thoughts and ideas that have made me more comfortable with creating "stuff"

1. Items or objects are a way of sharing stories. They can share stories from person to person carry a story of memory that is only shared between the object and the owner. These stories are important parts of our lives.

2. Humans have always used objects and accessories as a way of self expression, they tell our story outwardly to the people around us.

3. We feel better about ourselves, when we feel good about how we look, accessories help us to do so.

A scarf is not just a scarf, when it carries a story and a message. Each one of my scarves begin their lives with a story. They start with the story of the conversation between myself and the scarf. That story is then shared with clients who in turn share their reaction and connection to the story.

Our current problem is not a result of placing too much value on stuff, but too little. Megan Auman

What is the most precious item that you own?
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