Why all Artist need Photos of Their Art Work

The weather this weekend was amazing, the perfect fall days, sunny, cool scarf wearing weather. The lovely weather prompted me to take the camera outside and do a mini photo shot with some of my new scarves. I took a walk down one of the allies, as I don't really want a lot of people driving by. I'm not a big fan of an audience while I'm taking photos of myself. 

As an artist there is always the challenge of how to best showcase your work. It can be expensive and challenging to hire a photographer , but it's essential to have good photos of your work. It drives me crazy when I know how talented an artist is , and how wonderful their work looks in person, to see a photo that is blurry, oddly cropped, and doesn't represent that actual color, or art object at all. 

Because of this, or the fear of the Internet, there are also some artist that totally avoid it all together, this breaks my heart as well. The Internet is an amazing powerful sharing tool. Please don't hide your talents from the world, ask for help. Take a class. You can LEARN!

I'm so thankful that I decided to purchase a camera with a setting for taking photos at intervals. Meaning it just keeps going and going, instead of having to reset the self timer after each image. It makes it so much easier when taking photos of yourself.  I used to take photos of my scarves on a body form, which works, but I like showing them on an actual person. It's important to show how it looks, how it lays, and various ways of styling. I think I took around 300 images yesterday, and then go through them to find where I'm in the fame, have my eyes open, am not making some kind of odd face. Anyway I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

How do you photograph and share your work?

What do you wish you knew more about when it comes to photographing your work?

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