Why Success doesn't lead to an EASY Life

I've been thinking a lot about the word success lately. 

What does it mean?

What does it look like?

What does it feel  like?

After showing up on the cover of the Harrisburg Magazine my high school students were sure that I had hit the big time.

My boss questions why my scarves aren't priced like the $10.00 scarves that you can find at Target.

My family, friends, and fans tell me all the time that I"m successful and that there is only more success to come. 

I've determined that there are levels of success, different kinds of success, all good, just different. 

You Success: being yourself and accepting yourself

Career Success: landing the job that you always wanted

Day to Day Success: Getting up each day and making a positive impact no matter how big or how small 

Godly Success: being who God designed you to be, having faith, and living that faith everyday

Worldly Success: Being Rich and Famous

I"m sure that you could add to this list, but these are the areas that I've found myself thinking about lately. 

I've been combating my belief that a successful life is an easy life.  To achieve greatness, to make a huge impact, to grow into who you were made to be, is not easy. However, it's a belief that many carry. 

If I could just get a better job______________-

If I just made more money _________________

If just one magazine would do a story on me ____________________

If any of those things happen, then what, no really, then what? Well for me, then set a new goal and reach higher. 

My dream growing up. My if just ______________ then . I wanted to get married , own a home, have a dog, be a high school art teacher and student council advisor. Guess what: this all happened. I SUCCEEDED. And I'm thrilled. However, I was limiting myself, there's more. Exactly what , I'm not sure. But I do know that I need to keep stepping forward. I can't stop and settle into the success of my first plan. 

Robyn Okrant, author of Living Oprah says this about success, " Well if one judged me by outward appearances, they'd probably come to the conclusion that following Oprah's advice really works. I've got a publisher for a book I never expected I'd write; I have thousands of smart, hilarious, thoughtful readers on my website; I'm looking cute in a tame, O magazine kind of way; and I"m  thinner. Some consider this pretty successful and, satisfied with the answer, won't dig any deeper. Society tends to judge us by our exterior, so many people assume that I have been rewarded with success by following Oprah's advice. " Living Opraph

I"m right in the trenches determining what success means to me. The one conclusion I"m sure about is that it's not easy, and it's different for everyone.

What does the word success mean to you in your life?

So what does this scarf Beth have to do with all of this? A few things:

1.  designing and creating scarves has opened a whole new door to success that I  had never thought or dreamed about 5 years ago

2. This textile is named after a women whom I'm working with, who as a great belief in the success of my scarves

3. My scarves are always pushing for new designs, new colors, better... better... better, which has me always thinking about is there every a time were one decides that they have reached their max level of success, or are we always climbing?

Name: Beth

Material: cotton, tencel, leather

Dimensions: 12" x 76"

Plain weave 

Shades of blue and purple

Care: dry clean

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