Why Your Style Matters

I'm in a better mood when I like my outfit. I walk taller, smile, feel better, who doesn't?

Your style is a reflection of who you are and what you think of yourself.

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What is your style saying about you?

Women that adopt and wear my scarves do so for many reasons, but the main reason is they like how they look with one on. There is an experience that comes with the scarf. 

I started creating because of the experience of creating. The freedom, the joy, the playfulness of creating. 

Korinne did not fail me. I was out of the studio all last week attending meetings, listening to Ken Robinson speak, and photographing a wedding. I was so excited to sit down and create this piece that was patiently waiting in my mind. 

Scarves create an element of comfort and security. They embrace, warm, accessorize. 

Korinne is all of these things, she is also patient, quiet, cooperative. She drifted with me into a dream world and wove with ease. 

She reminded me of the beauty and peace that can be achieved when people are patient and willing to listen to one another. Korinne was incomplete without her braided end. A braid, a perfect demonstration of strength, beauty, and unity. Korinne represents, patience, quiet, beauty, understanding, and support. 

What can you do to bring patience, quiet, beauty, understanding and support into your life and the lives of others?

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