Don't make decisions when you're tired........ they are rarely good.

That's what I've been telling myself today. I'm back to teaching, which I enjoy, but wow,  I"m tired when I get home. After a 20 mile bike ride and teaching all day, it's pretty hard to head into the studio for the evening. There is a part of me that has a strong desire to create, and another part, that well, wants to go to bed. I've decided that I need to find a balance for my two sides, some days push through and go into the studio, and some evenings relax.

I also find that when I'm tired, I begin to doubt myself. I question if my artwork is any good. I asked myself if any of my dreams make sense, or if they should simply remain dreams.

Doubts are normal. They are even more normal when you are shooting for the moon, when you going against the norm,or bucking the system.

Doubts are normal when you are walking away from what looks easy, to the challenge of something new and unknown.

When doubt washes over me, I must remember a few things.

1. Doubt is normal, don't add guilt for feeling doubtful
2. Everything that is new, that is worthwhile has challenging moments
3. Don't listen to anyone else, listen to your heart, let it guide you
4. Remember that God is more powerful than anything else, and then let go ( I need to keep practicing this one)
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