Kelly Ann: Statement Scarf

It was back to school for me last week, which meant a lot less time in the studio. I was  missing creating, and was excited for a day off to dive in and lose myself in a pile of yarn. And that's exactly what I did!

Kelly Ann was the first scarf that I started to work on. I don't think that I can even express how much fun I had making her. To give you a hint, I got up at 5:30 am on my day off so that I could get into the studio!! I loved how the colors were working together, and was thrilled to use some of the new funky yarn that I picked up at The Mannings a few weeks ago.

Kelly Ann's  message: always find time to feed your passion, even if you're tired do it anyway. Making time in your life to do what you're passionate about will bring you to life in ways that you may have never experienced.

 A lot of creative people walk away, because it's hard, really hard, especially when you're first starting. If you're in that place right now, if you're thinking about putting down the brush, pen, crochet hook forever, please don't do it. Take a break maybe, but don't walk away. Create, create, and then create some more, it will all start to work and make sense. 

My time in the studio with Kelly Ann, was timeless. Really time stopped existing, everything stopped existing, I was lost in perfect place. 

What in your life pushes you, while at the same time makes you forgot everything else exists?

Do not wait for others to encourage you to pursue creative ventures, it may never happen. 

Instead create with the knowledge that we were all born to create, and you fought to hang onto that wonderful gift. Keep fighting, keep creating, keep dreaming. 

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Looking for more information on finding your Passion. Watch this great video by Ken Robinson on The Element.

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