Adelle: Start living Now

Over the Labor Day Holiday I spent 4 amazing days in the studio. I was surprised and pushed in all sorts of ways. Adelle was both a huge surprise, and a stretch. As I started to weave her, I thought I  had a plan.... I was wrong. She promptly asked me to try a new kind of yarn, which I did, and fell in with the look and feel of the texture that it created. 

I never measure my scarves, I weave until I feel like they are done. For those of you that aren't familiar with the weaving process, the woven cloth wraps around a beam on the front of the loom, therefore unless you measure, you can't be sure how much you have created. 

Time for my first surprise, I was sure that I had woven enough, so I cut Adelle off of the loom only to find that she was a bit shorter than what I usually like. But never fear, this textile had a plan. I walked over to the warp board and prepared some golden threads to add a fun braid to her. And once I did, I was so glad, it just popped! Then came the black leather fringe and two golden tassels. 

Adelle is one of those scarves that I love, that I would wear everywhere. She's perfect with jeans and a t-shirt, or great with a dress... Ahhh surprises are good.

Have you ever heard the saying, when you do what you have always done, you will get what you always had. ( well it goes something like that anyway)

Each day I am making an effort to take another step forward. I'm not sure where I'm going, I only know that I have to go. If I sit and wait to move until I fully understand, well , I'll never move. Adelle was a great demonstration of what can happen if you are willing to just keep moving forward. I made mistakes, but kept going, kept pushing, kept trusting, and in the she worked, she more than worked, she ROCKED. 

Do not wait to start living  your life until the day that you know where you are going. You will NEVER start. 

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