DIY Tassel

Over the summer my husband and I traveled to Puerto Rico, and I brought home some fun pieces of coral, that I decided to make into a necklace. As I was working on the piece, I thought that it would look good with a tassel to add some color and another texture.

What you need:

- end caps, you can get these at most jewelry supplies stores
- scissors
- yarn , I used tencel yarn which is very thin and has a nice shimmer. You could also use thread or embrodery thread. I buy my yarn from The Mannings

- something to wrap the thread around. It should be the length that you want your tassel to be. I used a comb

Step one: Wrap the yarn around the comb. your hand, or whatever you choose to work with. The more you wrap, the fuller your tassel will be.

Step Two: Slide the yarn off of the comb

Step Three: slide your finger through the middle so that you are holding the opening. Cut through one end, so that you have the tassel

Step four: Take a piece of yarn, loop it through the opening and tie a knot, to secure all of the threads together. Take this strand and thread it through the opening in your end cap, tie a knot to secure it.

You're Done!!

Watch video below to see the process.


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