Michelle: Be Transparent

Side note: I hope that you enjoy that I'm smiling in these photos. A friend asked why I don't smile in my photos. I find it hard to take photos of myself smiling... but I gave it a try today. 

Onto the story of Michelle. First of all, don't you love her? Michelle began teaching me an important lesson. I say began because I have a funny feeling that I'm going to need to be reminded of this often. 

She began teaching me to forgive myself, to accept my abilities and my limitations, to know when to push, and when to rest. I do a lot of things, and for the most part I do them well. You can read more about that here: http://storylink.messiah.edu/?p=1292 .

However, I am human, which means that I get tired, frustrated, and filled with self doubt. I beat myself up for not teaching the perfect lesson, making the perfect scarf, or getting everything checked off of my to do list.

This week I needed to begin to forgive myself, and not feel guilty for the things that I couldn't do, and instead celebrate all of the things that I did do.

I was feeling bad that I wasn't exercising enough ( by this I mean not doing my 10 mile bike ride two and from work everyday). I wasn't getting as many scarves made as I thought that I should. The weather has been great and I made the goal to go for a walk with the dog, and then time slipped away. Each day was ending with things left on my to do list, me tired, and feeling like I was failing. 

As I worked on Michelle I felt a calm peace wash over me. There is a section of her that is transparent, and there is amazing beauty in her transparency, where you can see each part of her, getting a glimpse of how she was created, her process. I myself need to be transparent , allowing myself to see that I too am created one thread at a time, they cannot all be woven together at once. There is beauty in each thread, and each step of my life.

Let go of the things that you did not finish today and celebrate all of the things that you did. 

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