Sparrow: The Scarf with One Wing

I recently read: A Whole New Mind: By Daniel Pink

Not only is it a good read, but he also has sections with activities for you to do, to help improve the strength of your right brain. 

One that I decided to try was writing a mini-saga. You have fifty words to write a story. So I tired it with some of my scarf stories and really had fun. Being limited to 50 words really makes you think about your word choice.

You should try it: If you do, I would love it if you would share your story in the comment section.


Hello I'm Sparrow

Sparrow: a scarf with one wing, carried on  your shoulders she can fly. She is every color united with one continuous strand: together bringing strength, unity, form something new.

Sparrow is bold in her silence, her whispers more powerful than the loudest of creams. Opposing colors sharing edges, melting softly skyward.

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