Robin: A painting, a scarf, a work of art

Recently read about the idea of dedicating each day of your work to someone. You know how writers always dedicate their book to someone, why aren't the rest of us doing it. This sounded like an interesting concept to me. Thinking that perhaps , especially on those blah days, that dedicating the piece to someone that I love or someone important to me, might just spur the piece along. 

So here's my first piece that is being dedicated:

To Granny: for encouraging my love for soft things, and teaching about the wonderful word of fiber

Robin, a painting, a scarf, a work of art.

 A hug, a splash of color, warmth. 

She's a sliver of a dream, a banner of confidence.

 She's the exclamation point to the strong woman that wears her proudly. 

Robin, she's the scarf singing on your shoulders, wishing you the perfect day. 

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