Shotgun Shell Ammo Ensemble Workshop

Charmed I’m Sure Studio Presents
A Shotgun Shell Ammo Ensemble Workshop
(Will make both a ring and necklace)
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012
From 10 AM until 4 PM
Lunch break 12 to 1
By Erin Keck and Lynne Suprock

Fill your hearts with gladness and your ammo with glass and resin!! Erin Keck and Lynne Suprock will step you through how to separate shotgun shell casings from their metal, clean and patina them and then permanently fill them with treasures. These once spent ammunition will become little pieces of swanky, hip jewelry!

For both rings and pendants, students will learn how to safely remove casings from 12 gauge shotgun shells, clean the metal, and patina design onto the bezels.
For the ring designs, students will use simple solder techniques (really easy) to solder bezels to ring bands, fill with select words or pictures and place under glass.

For the pendant designs, students will learn how to seal the shell hole, fill with gears or trinkets and resin, then attach findings to complete a beautiful and personal pendant!

We will be using an instant UV resin which takes an incredible 5 - 10 minutes to cure!
Lynne has recently been a guest instructor at The Charmed I’m Sure Studio, teaching her Classic Little Books Pendant class. She has published in Belle Armoire Jewelry, both the Spring and Summer issues featuring some of her work.

Erin is a member of the Yellow Breeches Chapter of The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and has already taught a class called "Scrappy Bits & Pieces" Bracelet at Charmed I’m Sure Studio. Her work has been published in the 2012 edition of "Just Steampunk Magazine" and also the book "1000 Steampunk Creations". Erin will have more of her creations in the 2013 issue of "Just Steampunk Magazine" due to hit the stands this September.

Both women offer extensive workshops at the Art & Soul Retreats.
Plan to come and spend the day, have lunch and enjoy the nature that surrounds Jean’s studio.
Workshop cost per person: $40.00 – no additional “Kit” Fee!

Materials Students Should Bring

* Food to share for lunch OR a studio snack. Jean will provide paper plates, cups, utensils, drinks, & chips.
* Soldering iron (ones used for stained glass work, with a flat tipped iron, ¼” preferred) There will be a couple share stations in the studio if you don’t have your own.
* Very fine grit sand paper close to 600 grit or a fine sand sponge for nail buffing at Sally’s Beauty Supplies (Jean has sand paper & nil buffers to share)
* ¾” circles of photos, typed words or other collage/ephemera. Copy paper is best so you don’t cut up your real photos….. It is also better if you can shrink your things, draw the ¾” circles around them and cut ahead of time to bring. (instructor will have extra things you could use for inserts too – Jean has a ¾” punch)
* A clean lint free Rag
* Silicone mitt if you have one. Bring two if you can spare and share.
* Lead-free solder from Lowes. No need for good solder for this. (Jean has solder to share)
* little cheapy paint brush
* We will be using regular & UV resin (Jean/Erin will have several 1 oz bottles for sale - $13 each) Let me know if you want to order Ice Resin. Ice resin takes much longer to cure.
* small bits of things that would fit into a ¼” high by ¾” diameter bezel. (instructors will have some stuff available, too)

SPECIAL NOTE – To reserve you spot, please Paypal $40 to Jean at Label it “Shotgun shell class” and your first & last name. Cash or check also accepted. Bring or mail to:
Jean Van Brederode
7 Nita Court
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-1569

No reservations without payment. In order to offer these classes, we must be able to count on the class fees to prepare. Refunds will only be issued if the class fills, & there is a waiting list. We are offering this opportunity locally at a greatly
reduced cost than would be offered at an art retreat which averages $140 plus a kit fee.
Charmed I'm Sure Studio is located at 7 Nita Court, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 - Jean’s cell – 717-919-7444. I encourage you to arrive by 9:45 AM. Please park in the cul-de-sac being careful not to block the mailboxes. Enter through the front door or around the house to the left through the studio door.
Please feel free to pass this offer on to friends!

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