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I love getting packages in the mail. Even when I know what is inside of them, I can hardly wait to open them up and see what is inside. I also love putting pretty packages together, knowing that I'm bringing joy to someone else.

These photos are a sample of what the package looks like when you order one of my scarves from my etsy shop .

I have a real problem with buying fabric just because I like it. But in reality I don't sew very much, so not sure why I need all of this fabric. Anyway, I thought that it was time to start depleting my collection. So as long as my supply last scarves are wrapped in a lovely piece of fabric, tied with a pretty bow, as I have a problem with buying ribbon as well, and then lots of goodies added. 

This package includes:

1. postcards for craft shows that I"m a part of

2. a fun little thank you card

3. a certificate saying that this is a one of a kind scarf, and promising that I won't make it again

4. business card

5. 5 coupon code cards to my etsy shop, for the buyer and her friends

From Collages
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