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I distinctly remember the first time I saw the work of Imagination glass. I walked into a holiday craft show and there it was. Each piece had it's own wonderful personality, wonderful voice, and I was sure amazing story to tell. I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to meet the artist behind the work, and then even better design a scarf for her!

I'm more than excited to take the time today to share the wonderful creations of Imagination in Glass with all of you!

The story about how Imagination Glass was born:

Little did Don and Candace Cothard know how an impulse to find a mutually satisfying and creative activity several years ago would blossom into a passion for creating one-of-a-kind jewels… that continues to this day.

Fresh from a local, one-day stained glass class in 1995 Don and Candace began their collaboration which has resulted in the creation of many stained glass “jewels”… large and small. A lover of jewelry since “forever”, Candace prompted the expansion of the Jewels for your Home line several years ago to include personal, wearable jewels.

At the heart of each unique design is the same copper foiling process that craftsmen have used for many centuries to create beautiful stained glass windows. Using lead-free solder Candace and Don combine stained glass, hand-hammered metals, rough minerals, semi-precious stones, pearls, and Austrian crystals to create original jewels…one at a time.

Over time…their “personal jewel creations” have evolved to include a blend of their earlier style, their growing and vivid imagination, and unique requests and interesting ideas from their clients… like foiling pieces of antique coal into a contemporary pendant; to transforming a beloved broken antique, china lamp into a panel with three-dimensional flowers.

For Candace and Don the most fulfilling part of the process comes at the end…when they meet by chance or intent, a client or an admirer, who often shares ”This isn’t jewelry; it’s art…and Oh my gosh, it’s affordable! That’s exactly what these artists work to achieve with each piece…affordable, memorable, contemporary “jewels”… created entusiastically with IMAGINATION in GLASS.

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