Andrea: A scarf with wings

Hello My name is Andrea


Andrea is full of color, full of promise, fully of joy.

For me, she was a small reflection of the graffiti covered walls that I love. There's something about look at graffiti, paintings, any work of art really... and imagining... connecting to the person who stood before the blank canvas and dared to create. 

As Andrea came flowing off of the loom I knew that she was incomplete, but was unsure about how to complete her, and so I started, and restarted, and just wasn't getting it. 

So I laid down, closed my eyes, and began to dream of a scarf with wings. 

I was to lay lay down for 20 minutes which turned into 2 hours. 

I didn't want to leave the dream. 

When I finally get up I knew how to finish Andrea, she needed wings. 

As I crocheted her wing it went as smoothly as an eagle gliding in the breeze. And we both began to float through space under the cover of Andreas' wing. 

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