Art is Not Important...

Can I tell you something?

Art is not IMPORTANT...

Art is important because it is! Art is important because of the beauty and truth that it reveals, that's it, period..

You can stop reading now if you're in a hurry, as long you as you understand that art is important because it is art, and for no other reason.

It's not important because it helps you with math or science ( people might try to tell you that it does... and it can, but that's not why you should value it) it's important because it helps you to see the world.

It's not important because somehow it will make you score better on a standardized test.( it might) It's important because it will help you to understand and relate to people that live across the globe, next door, as well as those that lived hundreds of years ago.


Art isn't important because it will make you rich  ( although it might)

It's important because it touches and reveals the human soul and provides a glimpse of God.

Art isn't important because anyone told you so ( however, it's probably a rare occasion that someone told you so)

It's important because we learn, understand, process and remember through images, stories, and song.

Art is important because it is. Just as breathe is important to life.... art..... it gives you breath. Pin It

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