Dream Big...Than Bigger

Balance, life is a balance, and you will fall.

Admit it, accept it, move on... you're not perfect... people around you are flawed... you will fall....but

You can choose to get back up.

I started preparing to be a teacher when I was a child. I'm not kidding. I had a chalkboard, a white board mounted on my bedroom wall, just below my monthly themed bulletin board. I taught the neighbors how to crochet, I gave them worksheets and homework... and they did it!

When I entered my very own classroom at age 22 my resume listed very little experience, however I should have said that I started teaching when I was 8... 

I was experienced, I had been practicing, I put in a lot of hours in my bedroom, teaching my nonexistent students. ( really , I taught to an empty room, they were the best behaved students that I ever met)

I had a dream, and that dream was to teach, to inspire, to change the world... perhaps I have big dreams, but I don't know how else to live. 

My philosophy is dream big, or stay in bed.  So I dream BIG.

When I was 8 my dream to be a classroom teacher seemed big, twenty years later, I'm learning that it was small. If we stop at our first dream... we miss a lot. 

I'm scared, I'm wondering why I can't be happy with accomplishing my childhood dream by age 22, but I also know that I if I stop dreaming... I go back to bed. 

And so once again, I"m reaching, I'm believing.

I'm believing that I can change the world one person at a time, believing that I can do more than my logical mind thinks that I can. I'm believing that I'm not here for myself but for others, trusting that God has given me talents and I have to exist in an environment that allows them to flourish. And so I'm trusting that when I spread my wings a breeze will come and pick me up.

I"m believing that I will fall, but that I will get back up. 

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