Kalista: The most fun that you can have with a scarf

Kalista, a scarf that came during a week when nothing made sense. She came amongst tears and anger. Pushing through to demonstrate calmness, love, and comfort. 

Kalista was strong from the moment that she began and as my hands moved back and forth she shared her strength with me. 

Kalista is a shield to defend against the coldness of the world. She is a cloak to hide under when you are scared. She is brightness, when all seems dark. She is truthful when all else seems untrustworthy. 

She is a hug to curl up in every day. 

How she was made:

- She is woven in a plain weave pattern

- I used very thin yarn 10/2 for most of the woven sections, which allows some movement of the  yarn as it is wrapped around the front take up beam. I enjoy the free flow movement that takes place, and the pattern that it creates.

- I love texture, she has three different crocheted sections. There are two long and then sections crocheted in forest green along the edges that add a fun texture and color to the piece. It is crocheted with double crocheted, and added to the woven section, buy pushing the crochet hook through the woven part as the first stitch. 

- for another layer of texture, color, and warmth, down the center of the scarf there is a crocheted rectangle in a bright green color. It freely moves on the piece, and is a fun surprise. 

From july2012
Short video of me working on the crocheted section. I was watching a movie while doing this, so that is the sound that you hear in the background.

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