Sweater Makeover with crochet

From april 2012

I had a sweater that I really liked but it shrank and was a bit too short. So I decided to play. I cut the top off of the piece, stitched the edge, and then began to crochet. I've never crocheted a piece of clothing before, but it seemed like it would be easier if I started with something. Plus I really like mixed media pieces  if you haven't noticed, so this added a nice other texture. 

From june 2012
From june 2012
From june 2012
From june 2012
Here's how I did it.

-4 rows double crochet

make strap: 26 rows 6 stitches double crochet

single crochet attach

start mid way on strap and add 2 rows double crochet

add shell crochet as you wish for fun texture and style

I double crocheted around the edge until I felt that I had made it length that I desired. I then made the arm straps, on each side I did 26 rows of 6 stitches double crochet. I then used single crochet to attach each end of the strap onto the top.

Then it was time to play. I started about half way down the strap and did two more rows of double crochet in the front and the back to start to form the neck line.I then decided that I wanted to do something more decorative, so I began to work with shell crochet. To do shell crochet you go through the same stitch 6 times, then skip 4 stitches, and go through the next 6 times and so on. I did most of the shell crochet on one side as I really like pieces that are asymmetrical. And just kept going until I liked how it looked.

Finally I decided to add a crochet trim to the bottom. It's  two rows of shell crochet. 

I still have the top of the sweater and think that I am going to work on adding a bottom to it, so that I end up getting two sweaters out of one!

I'm thinking this is a great way to spice up some old clothes. 
From april 2012
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Kate said...

I love this top - very pretty!!