Keegan: The Art of Listening

From april 2012


The ability to listen, really listen develops through practice. Each time that I create I practice listening to myself and to the piece. Keegan had a lot to say, wanted a lot of new things, and tested my skills to listen.

There are always distractions that take us away from the moment, and take away our ability to be aware of the wonderful things taking place all around us, and inside of us. It's a practice.

Keegan brought back wonderful memories of my childhood " blankie". I"m not sure at what age blankie and I parted ways, but I will always remember her soft sateen edges and how wonderful it felt rubbed over my face. As I worked on Keegan these memories came back to me, and I had to give her a wonderfully soft edge. Textiles, and blankets are comforting, calming, loving. Keegan is exactly that, a wonderfully calm reminder to listen. 

To stop. To be present. To think about your words. To be aware of what those around you are saying. And to listen and trust yourself. 

From april 2012

" It's impossible," said pride. 
It's risky," said experience. 
It's pointless," said reason.
 "Give it a try," whispered the heart.

- author unknown
From april 2012
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Almost Precious said...

Wow, Keegan is beautiful ! And she does look soft and comforting. Love the combination of colors and textures - a true work of art.

fabricatedends said...

Thank you