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From june 2012

Today I'm here to talk about another great site, papernstitch . Papernstitch is a great place to show/share your work especially if you're an indie artist. You pay for the exhibit on a monthly basis, so it's more like paying for advertising than setting up an actual shop. 

From june 2012

If you want to be a part of the monthly exhibit, click sign up, fill out the necessary info, and then click be on papernstitch.

From june 2012

"How much will it cost me?"
We want you to keep as much money in your pocket as possible, so we do not charge a commission on any works that are sold as a result of the exhibition. Instead, we charge a small fee each exhibition, which helps to pay for advertising papernstitch on other major sites (in turn driving more traffic to the site and to your products).
Currently, the fee for new sellers is $55 for one exhibition (about one month's time) 
and can be paid through paypal after your shop has been accepted. AND if you decide to continue on the papernstitch site as a returning exhibitor, you will receive a discount on all future exhibitions
From june 2012

Before submitting your shop be sure to go here:  , and read all of the information about it how it works. Also look through the shops that are currently being exhibited and see if you think that your shop is a good fit. If you're work is a drastically different style , than this might not be the site for you. 

From june 2012

My experience. I can't say that I got increased sales from the site, but I can say that I don't regret doing it. Service was excellent. I received everything that was stated and a nice write up in the body of the blog. I also choose to do a second month, as you do get a nice discount as a returning customer. If you try it I would love to know your thoughts about the site. 

From june 2012
Aren't Looking to sell? It's a pretty great place to go shopping as well. So swing by and check out all  of the wonderful indie artist. They will appreciate your time. 
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Megan T. said...

cool- how much is the discount for a second month?

fabricatedends said...

Megan, I don't totally remember, as I did it over the winter. I'm pretty sure that she also offers different package combinations. But if you go to the site and inquire she's really great and up front about pricing.