Danielle the Scarf and Living your Dreams

From june 2012

From june 2012

I came across the above quote and it's exactly what I've been thinking about lately, and felt that I couldn't say it better than that, so I"m sharing it with. 

We get caught up and defined by our jobs, which so often is not a reflection of what we are passionate about, and lose an amazing part of ourselves. I'm not saying that you have to quit your job,( but maybe you do) , however you do need to giver yourself with permission to be amazing. To grab a hold of and use all of your talents. Whatever your belief system, we  were made to do more than go to a dead end job everyday and bring home a paycheck .We were made to do amazing things, to love, to encourage, to care for, to create. 

Are you living a life that your proud of, a life that gives you and others around you energy and courage?

From june 2012
As I ask these questions I know that they aren't easy questions. I know that they are hard, it's hard to live a life full of passion, don't let anyone tell you that's easy. The past few days I have avoided my scarves, and made a grand attempt to ignore them. Why? Because they're asking me to do some hard stuff, they're asking me to do things that I'm not sure how to do. They're asking me to let down all of my walls, to let everything go, and the last few days I didn't feel like I had the strength. 

But today is a new day, and today I am back in the studio. Today I will do my best listen to them, today I will try, and I might fail, and it will be okay. Because I will try again tomorrow.
From june 2012
From june 2012
How Danielle was made:

- she is woven with cotton yarn on a four harness loom using plain weave

- instead of having any waste yarn, I braided the last few feet of her. And as I was working on the braid I decided to add beads, so there are several wooden beads that begin to act like a necklace on the braided section.

- that still didn't seem to be enough so I crocheted a ruffle down the center of the woven part. If you know
how to crochet it's really easy to add crochet detail to other piece of fabric. You simply need a crochet hook that is small enough to fit through the fabric, and off you go. Woven fabric is particularly easy to crochet into, as it tends to have bigger openings than machine made fabric. 

- If you want your crochet to ruffle you do one basic row of double crochet, and then on the next row go through each double crochet three or four times. The more that you increase your stitches the more ruffle you will get, so you can play and adjust to your liking. 
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