A scarf named Esther on Letting Go

From june 2012

It's been while since I sat down behind the loom and created. I was having trouble getting started, having trouble letting go. In order to create with honesty, and make beauty all that is heavy, untrue, maddening, must be let go. Must be discarded at the studio door, or it shows in the work. 

I was carrying some heavy thoughts around that I wasn't ready to let go of, I was frustrated, angry, and I was holding onto it  with both fists clenched.
From june 2012

I knew that I needed to create, and so I sat, and melted, gave up the fight, and fell into the wonderfully hard and soothing give and take of weaving. Esthers' colors surprised me, as lately I"ve been working with really bright vibrant colors. However, it seems my mood was still reflected, Esther knew that I needed to create, but needed something light, soft, soothing, and kind. And so we worked and I was lifted, and I was thankful. 

From june 2012

Everything about Esther needed to be easy. She needed to a be piece that could make you feel beautiful on the hardest day. She needed to be able to be worn with no thought. And so she is an infinity scarf with a crocheted section that adds some stretch to her. Drape her over your shoulders and just keep on wrapping until your happy, until your joyful, until you feel beautiful and ready to walk out the door and start your day. 
From june 2012

How Esther was made:

- The loom was dressed with two very different weights of yarn 3/2 and 20/2. The 3/2 ( thicker yarn) was used along both edges, as the edges of a woven piece get a little bit more tension while on the loom and tend to break

- the middle section is the 20/2 which is almost like thread. It does break easily while under tension on the loom, but I love the way that it looks.

- I wove the piece with 20/2 yarn which allowed the center section of the woven piece to be open

- I used black jersey yarn to crochet a section that connects each end of the woven part to create an infinity scarf

-One edge of the scarf has a delicate edge crocheted in white using the shell crochet stitch
From june 2012

You can ADOPT ESTHER here

From june 2012

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