An Elegant Scarf named Tara

I'm so excited to introduce to you to Tara. As I mentioned before I felt like I was having a bit of dry spell, and wasn't really creating much. And then came Tara! I was beyond thrilled with how her colors looked as I worked on her, it was so refreshing. Once she came off of the loom I knew that I wanted to do a crocheted edge, but I wasn't sure what yarn I wanted to use. I sat and stared and listened to my yarn shelves for awhile, going back and forth on if I was going to use the chenille yarn or not. Finally I just decided to go for it. 

As I began working on the edge I was really happy with our choice of yarn, the color looked great with the already existing bright colors, and it added such an elegant soft texture to the piece. I wanted to edging to be really open, elegant, and lacy. So I worked with a very open and free from crochet, leaving very large openings. I use double crochet, chain stitch, and shell crochet to create the pattern. 

I first thought that it was finished after about 4 rows of the crocheted edge, however when I tried it on the edge just didn't drape as much as I wanted  it to, it got a bit lost in the piece. One of the challenges of creating pieces that are worn, is that you really need to figure out how it will look on the body, making sure that the details show.

So I went back to worked and crocheted for about three more hours until there was enough edging that it draped well when it was on the body.

I felt so good after finishing this piece. I was ready to create again, I was not afraid, or intimidated by the studio anymore. 

An artist studio always seems like this wonderfully mysterious and magical place, this place where the artist disappears and then reemerges with this new amazing work of art. Looking like some kind of magic took place. The honesty of it all, is yes sometimes working in the studio is amazing and light, and magical, and sometimes it hard, and scary, and trying, and I believe the work reflects the feelings that the artist carried and experienced while in their creative space.

It was a true uplifting pleasure to create this piece, which I think shows both in the piece, and how I look while wearing the piece. Yes that's me in all of the photos. I just wanted to dance and spin around the room and let the scarf float. 

Meaning behind the name Tara:

Queen, Star, Goddess of the Sea

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