Handmade vs. the Machine

A few weeks ago I was asked an interesting question. Can a machine make what you make? I hadn't really thought about it before. But as I thought no they can't. There are machines that can do all of the parts, but not that can do it as one piece. So I did some research and looked up all of the machines that would be needed to make one of my scarves.

Weaving Machine

Above is a weaving machine, it can weave far faster than I , and usually produces a much tighter weave. This piece could create the body of my work .

Lace Crochet Machine

Next up the lace machine. A lot of my work has crocheted edges. So the lace machine could make the edges, which would then have to be attached later. I crocheted directly into the woven section of each piece. The crocheted edge is often more free form, which the lace machine could not do. 

Braiding Machine:

Here's a pretty cool looking braiding machine, this piece would have to be used to do all of the braids. However I think that the braids would then have to be attached.

So yes, there are machines that can do each individual part of what I do , but not a machine that can do it all in one piece. 

I did think that it was a  really good question. He was trying to understand that if my work could be made by machines much faster, thus potentially lowering the cost why not do it? For me personally, it's because I believe that my work is my work because of the connection that we have, if you put a big machine between the two of us, and take out the element of touch a lot is lost. And because I use so many different techniques and materials a machine can't do what I do. 

Some of my tools:

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