A scarf in the colors of June

This weeks collection of scarves are all very bright, and were all created after taking Shakti class. So for a twist on things, this week's scarf stories all come with a playlist, which was developed by Rachel Wilson, and was played during Shakti.

As an artist it is important to be aware that everything around  you affects your work. I find it interesting to see how everything is connected, and how people pass their attitude onto one another. I'm thankful for all of the wonderful people that take this class with me. Some I know far better than others, but all sent some pretty amazing engery my way, and it was a blast to see it come out in my scarves.

I hope that this week's scarves leave you feeling, bright, cherished, and uplifted.
From spring scarves 2012

I have been thinking about making some really bright and vibrant colored scarves for awhile, but they weren't ready to come out until this week. And it was perfect timing. I love how the scarves  seem to know when I will need their message, and patintly wait until the perfect time to enter my life.  I've been a bit overwhelmed lately, but how can you not feel warm and smile when you look down at the loom and so wonderfully colorful fabric developing right before your eyes? This piece brought the feelings of the month of June to me. June may be my favorite month, it's warm, it's the end of the school year and beginning of summer, ahhh I needed that reminder this week.

I truely experienced great joy creating this piece. I was so excited about how the colors were turning out, and just loving every minute of the process. What I found even more interesting is the fact that the colors that I used have been sitting on my shelf for probably two years, I never used them because I didn't think that I liked them, however they spoke to me for this piece, and promised that I wouldn't be disappointed. As I began working with them, I couldn't understand why I hadn't used them before. And as I questioned myself June began to speak.

" You didn't need us before, it wasn't our time. We knew that there would come a point in your life when we would speak to you, and so we waited, and we watched, and now is our time to work with you." As I gave June life, she did the same for me, she brought me energy, she brough me warmth.
From spring scarves 2012
June was adopted about twenty minutes after she was off of the loom. And adopted by the perfect person. The is whole series of bright vibrant scarves started after taking a Shakti class were we focused on Joy, Spring, and sharing eachother's energy. Tara the new owner of June, has wonderful energy, and she's the one who gave me confidence to go to Shakti in the first place. June knew exactly what she wanted to be, and when it was her time to be created.

Joy by Phish
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Source: shopbop.com via Amber on Pinterest

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