The story Behind Red Riding Hood, The Scarf

From spring scarves 2012

I hate to admit this , but when I started working on Red Riding Hood, I really didn't feel like it. I was tired, it was the weekend. I wanted to curl in bed with my dog and watch a movie. But I needed to get her finished. Even when doing the things that we love, there are still moments when don't want to them, or at least we think that we don't want to.

From spring scarves 2012

I looked around the studio, and decided on red. Red is my favorite color, so it seemed like a good choice to help me to connect to Red Riding Hood. And so we worked, and she cooperated, and began to find pleassure in the sound of the heddles lifting up and down, the shuttle flying back and forth, and the yarn being beaten into place. And I realized so much of life is determine about our attitude going into the situation. If we approach an event, with the attitude that it will not be enjoyable than it won't be. But if we decide that we are going to find a way to enoy it. Most of the time the event becomes enjoyable.

From spring scarves 2012

Weaving for me, is an incredibly special pratice, it where I feel the most alive, where I process, where I pray, and I never want to lose the specailness of the act of creating. Red Riding Hood reminded me that I don't have to lose it, it is my choice, a choice that I must make everyday. A choice to enter the studio with a postive attitude, an open heart, and a willingness to learn, to change, and to grow. Even if it hurts.

Some other fun pieces of artwork inspired by Red Riding Hood


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