As so many of my pieces are, Luz was a bit of surpise. I knew that I wanted to do a light colored scarf and that I wanted it to be really open and light weight, but from that point on I wasn't really sure where we were going.

From spring scarves 2012

I first filled my spoools with golden yarn, and Luz said that she needed more, she needed a pop, she needed brightness.  And so I picked up the teal cone of yarn and went to work. I used a variety of yarn for the warp of  Luz, so that some parts of her would be closed, and others would be open and full of movement. Sometimes this works well, and sometimes the yearn doesn't want to move. But the yarn moved gracefully, it rippeled, and moved just as I desired.

As Luz and I worked she requested to be a cowl, to be honest I was thrilled about this request, I didn't feel like using the sewing machine. And so I tried about three different techniques ( none of them working
) until I finally gave in and made Luz a cowl. And when she was finished I knew that she was right. She draped wonderfully around my deck, her bright and light colors were like a hug from the sun, or at least what I image it would be like if the sun were to hug me.

And so on a dark and dreary day, Luz brought sunshine. Pin It

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