A handwoven expression of Joy: Valerie

From spring 2 scarves 2012

Valerie is a memeber of my newest collection of scarves that are created with magnets sewn into each end. I love using the magnets, because it makes it so easy to wear and style these scarves. But I think that my favorite part is that you can create your own scarf, by connectiong one or more of the magnetic scarves together. So you can have a smaller light weight scarf for spring or cool summer evenings, then add another one or two, and have a super warm scarf for winter.
From spring 2 scarves 2012

I love the idea that each person can take part in the design process of these scarves. They can pick their two favorite, link them together and off they go.
From spring 2 scarves 2012
What Valerie had to say: Valerie along with her sibilings are really teaching me to completly let go of all control, all worry, all fear, all deadlines, and just enjoy them, and understand that they know what needs to be brought into the world.

As an artist I have often struggled with the fact that I encourage people to buy, to consume. While at the same time, I think that our culture is far too focused on buying and consuming, and trying to find happiness in things. So while I struggled with this idea, I still knew that I couldn't stop creating.

My first year out of college, I spent so much time as a brand new teacher, that I didn't make any of my own art. When I started creating again, I became inately aware, that when I was not making I had a lost a big part of myself. Creating brings me life, and therefore, I have to create, and so I continued on the journey of discovery and understanding, of why I needed to create, and why these pieces needed to be brought in the world.

And Valerie helped me to understand, that each piece that I create is not just a scarf. Each piece is a gift, it is an act of love, and expression of joy, and an outward extension of loving compassion.

I create one of kind pieces because  I have to. Because my work is not about the scarf, it's about the story that the scarf tells, it's about the joy that it brings into my life, and then someone elses, and it's about how each person feels when they know that they are wearing a one of kind piece. It's about the gently hug that each scarf gives when worn, as a reminder that someone out there loves and cares about you. My work is my way of sending joy into a broken and sad world.

Source: tumblr.com via Amber on Pinterest
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