Leaving Mistakes Behind:A Scarf named Iris

From spring 2 scarves 2012
From spring 2 scarves 2012

Iris wasn't really planned at all she just happened. I had dressed the loom with another piece in mind, but still had warp to use to decided to create Iris. My plan was to weave her with all purple yarn, however I realized that for some reason, I had filled a spool with burnt orange yarn. My first thought was just to toss the spool aside and use it later, and then I realized it was Iris speaking, she wanted that orange to be a part of her.

Mistakes happen when we lose touch of the present moment, and who we are in that moment.

It's important to pay attention to the things, and actions in life that we so quickly chalk up as mistakes, even if they are a mistake, they still have something to teach us. And we may be able to turn that mistake into something great.

I know that so often I get so focused on the mistake itself, and become angery that I wasted time and materials, that it is easy to miss the lesson. Iris also taught me that I have to let go of fear and frustrations before moving onto something else. As one mistakes transformed into many more, until I finally stopped and let go and listened.

So often my mistakes come from me not being true to myself. Me trying to be what I think other people want me to be, or trying to make what someone else wants it to be. Mistakes happen, when we lose touch of the present moment, and who we are in that moment.

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