Autumn Whispers

From spring scarves 2012

From spring scarves 2012

What Autumn Taught me:

When I started working on Autumn I didn't know what colors I wanted her to be. I stood and stared at all of the cones of yarn, and one seemed to be hinting that it wanted to be used. However it was one that I didn't really like, in fact I really had no idea why I bought it. But I'm learning to let go over control and listen, and so I did. As I started to see the yarn interact with the warp strings, I smiled, I liked it. And so together Autumn and I worked, we worked in silence, we worked feeling loved, we worked in the moment, not worrying about what took place before, or what was going to happen once she was off of the loom. And what a beautiful time that was, to be in that exact moment, and only there.

I think that we spend too much of our lives looking back at our past and feeling bad about missed opportunites, and because we are looking back we miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. We then spend a lot of time looking forward, while it's good to dream, the future is exactly that. It is something that we cannont control, it is unpredictable, and therefore should not consume a lot of our engery. Just be where you are, love where you are, and find peace. I have a feeling that there are going to have to be a lot more scarves whispering these same reminders to me, but I am thankful for my time with Autumn. Pin It

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