A woven hug named Gynca

From spring scarves 2012

This scarf was named after the Gingko Tree, as they are my all time favorite leaves. I their shape, and there is something wonderful about how it feels to walk through a pile of them.

"The ginkgo is the oldest tree in the world," states Botanical-Online, noting that Ginkgo biloba trees are the lone survivor of a "family that existed more than 200 million years ago" and kept company with the dinosaurs in many parts of the world. However, Ginkgo biloba trees eventually vanished in most regions.


Gynca was a total surprise to me. I first went the Mannings to pick up some pink yarn, and instead I got home with a bag full of bright green yarn, it was not until I got home and started to unpack that yarn that I even remembered that I had gone to puchase pink. Well I"m learning to listen, and so I just laughed, and figured the scarves had some different plans for me. That, or completly losing it. Somehow the idea of talking scarves seemed to make me less crazy, than not being able to remember my shopping list.

When I create a lot, I also feel a lot. Creating exposes me. It exposes me in many good ways, but it also makes me vulneralbe, and makes me feel everything at a more hightened sense. The overwhelming amount of emotion brings tears to my eyes much more often than usual, which again, isn't bad, but can be challenging. As I began working on Gynca, her wonderful bright colors, brought wonderful lite, and bright joy in my studio, and into my heart. I was so thankful for Gynca as I worked on her. Everything about her brought me comfort.
I think of my scarves as these wonderful accessories that you give a hug when you put them on.
Gynca seemed to have the power to reach off of the loom, and hug me, while she was being created.

From spring scarves 2012
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