Ruby Whispers

From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012

I"m always looking for new opportunites to share my work, but also try to only accept offers that allow me to stay true to myself and to my work. This isn't always easy, as sometimes it requires turning down a lot of money. But I believe that creating is wonderful gift that I"ve been given, and therefore I must protect it, cherish it, and stay true to the gift.

Recently an opportunity came along, where I would still have a lot of freedom in design, and wouldn't have to make mass quanities, but would need to make 10-15 of the same scarf. I decided to give it try. Ruby was the first style that I started working on, and I found myself anxious. This would be my biggest order ever, and would require to make abou 75 scarves. I began to doubt myself, thinking that I wasn't ready, that I couldn't do it. But there was still this little whisper saying telling me to try, telling me to believe, and telling to me to go. And that voice was Ruby. I have three of Ruby made so far, and with each one I became calmer, less afraid, and more aware that most fear is greatly unwarrented. Most fear in my life is there because I put there.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

While working on the first Ruby, I started to think ,what if I get too big, what if I have to make so many scarves that I hate weaving. And Ruby reminded of two things, I will only get as big as I want to , at any time I can stop. And two I can hire people if I need to, it's okay to ask for help.

The most important lessons that Ruby is teaching me are to push away fear, and to ask for help. I hope that each of the Rubys that I create are able to take away fear from the lives of their new owners. Pin It

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