Why We Accessorize

Why do we accessorize? Accessories don’t directly impact our health and safety, yet people have accessorized as far back as 75,000 years.

 It began as simple accessories made from organic material such as shells, animal hides, and stones.

Accessories came to represent social status, how much money we made, where one lived, and even who one knew. Paleolithic archaeology demonstrates that jewelry was most likely used as a form of self expression that demonstrated age, sex, family, and clan affiliation.

Accessories and fashion continued to evolve throughout history and remained an important part of culture even in hard economic times.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs reinforces the idea that accessories demonstrate our place in life. On the 4th level of the hierarchy Maslow notes esteem: self- esteem, personal worth, and social recognition.

From new work 2011

Accessories help to bring all kinds of esteem into one’s life.

“Style is a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit, a conviction that you are worth knowing, worth looking at and can present yourself well."
~source unknown

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