Guest Post: Weaving on a Cardboard loom

Art education for children is an important part of any school curriculum. It allows them to explore their creativity and develop the right side of their brains. However, while these programs include a variety of activities from drawing and painting to sculpture and collages, weaving is often left out of the equation.

In fact, weaving is quite easy to teach to children – all that’s needed are homemade cardboard looms and colorful yarn. For children who aren’t as confident with their skills at drawing or working with clay, weaving provides a wonderful alternative for them to create a work of art that they can be proud of.

There are many proven benefits to weaving for children’s development. It helps their fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. It can also help them learn the importance of following directions and increases their attention span. It’s a perfect activity for kinetic learners who love hands-on experiences.

Weaving can also be incorporated into other parts of a child’s education. Beginning math students can practice counting rows and stitches. It can also be a historical introduction to the crafts of the Native Americans, Pilgrims, or artisans in the Middle Ages. The development of fine motor skills will also improve their handwriting.

If you have children, weaving is also a great weekend craft to do together. Boys and girls alike respond well to weaving. They can make gifts for their parents like coasters and placemats, or key chains to keep for themselves. Who knows, they might even grow up to become weavers some day!

Jan Pierce is a 4th grade teacher who has over 20 years of experience in the classroom. Her interests include educational technology and online learning. She also owns the site Elementary Education Degree for students interested in earning a degree in elementary education.

I came across this great tutorial at Michael Ann Made blog All the materials that you need to create your own loom, and make some really cool friendship bracelets. You can see the full DIY instructions here.

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