The Morning that Joy was Born

From winter line 2012
From winter line 2012

Scarf Stats
Started: 1/22
Finished: 1/27
Name: Joy
Time it took to make: The Posidon Adventure, 1/2 of Rust

Joy received her name because she was started on a morning that I had a two hour delay. I love delays, nothing better than getting an early morning phone call, and by early morning I mean 5:15am telling me that I have two extra hours!

Joy knew from the beginning that she wanted to be blue, but last minute spoke up that she wanted a little bit of sparkle added into her.

As I was working, the plan was for a large metal tube to be added at the end, that the braids would flow through, then I tried to do this Joy didn't cooperate. I couldn't get the braids to go through the tube, and when I finally did, it was clear that they didn't want to be there. Next I thought that Joy was saying that she wanted to be adorned with some metal findings, however when I got them out to begin, Joy once again told me that we weren't communitcating well , and there was still something different that she wanted. Finally I reached the conclusion that she wanted stitching, she sighed with relief that I was finally getting the message.

How did I know when to stop stitching? The thread in the sewing machine broke, so I stopped, looked over the piece, and all was silent. Joy was finished and she was happy. She is now hoping to bring to joy to your life.

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