A Scarf Named Nora, and Flow

From spring scarves 2012

Nora and Floe were created the same weekend, and worked together to help me to lose myself.
As I was working on Nora, I became inately aware of what a gift creating is. While working in my studio I forget that the rest of the world exists,  there are even times I when
 I forget that I exist.
What an amazing gift, to be able to get totally lost, and at the same time be amazingly present in the moment.

My answer to this question is weaving, creating. It pulls my soul, and makes it soar. I challenge you to really think about this question, as I hope that each and ever one of you, find something in your life that makes your soul soar. And I thank Nora for helping me to become aware of the wonderful gift that I have been given, and that I work to share with you. Nora is made in wonderful bright, warm, happy colors. Colors that I don't often work with. But, Nora wanted me to understand and appreciate the blessings that creating have brought into my life, and so she requested, light and happy colors.

Nora is finished working with  me, and now is ready to bring, joy, and lightness into someone else' life. And hopfully work with you, to help you discover what makes your soul soar.

From spring scarves 2012

From spring scarves 2012
From spring scarves 2012

While I experienced great pleassure creating Nora, I also experienced fear. Often when creating there is a tinge of fear and negativity whispering in  my ear. Reminding me that  I might fail. Telling me, that people might not like my work. Asking me, why I"m spending so much time and energy, making something simple, like a scarf. Fear holds us back, and is so often wrong and irrelevent. I have learned and keep learning, that it is okay to fail, in fact it is often good to fail. It is okay if not everyone loves my work. And I am making far more than a scarf, for me it is a work of art, it is meditation, it is devotion. And for people that buy my work, it is warmth, it is confidence, it is a way to love themselves. And so I must continue to silence the fear.

As I was weaving Nora, I was watching Greys Anatomy, ( when I say watching take that term losely.) I only hear some of lines, as the loom is somewhat noisy, and I get lost in the process. But the one line that I did hear was:
" If you become frighented by the challenge, instead be inspired."

From spring scarves 2012
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