A wonderful blog that I love to read: oh, hello friend, http://www.ohhellofriendblog.com/  is encouraging people to make 12 goals by 2012 and document the process. This way bloggers and blog readers can help to encourage and support everyone in reaching their goals.

Here are my 12 goals.
1. finish my maters thesis on creativity studies
- I have my first chapter written and ready to turn in, I"ll share some on a later post
- Chapter 2 Written
-Chapter 3 in progress

2. submit my work to two magazines

3. buy a used dresser for my studio and organize the space

From studio

4. create submission piece of Somethings Looming Show

5. meet with felting artist and get advice

6. Make 4 more scarves with metal

7. Create woven design that works like a bow tie

8. get image of Dan and I for our 5 yr anniversary

9. design and launch line of scarf pins
Click here for the full post and to see more photos. I would love to get some feedback. http://fabricatedends.blogspot.com/2011/10/scarf-pins-by-fabricatedends.html

10. develop an ornament design
Click here for the full post and to see more images.http://fabricatedends.blogspot.com/2011/10/felted-and-beaded-ornaments.html
From ornaments

11. become invovled/ more informed about Art Education Policy

12. Get my work sold in a new Gallery
-Still waiting to hear back from some of the places that I contacted. But starting next week I will have work for sale at the Carlise Arts Learning Center, Holiday Gallery Pin It

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