12 by 2012: Meet with Erma Martin Yost

One of my goals was to meet with felting artist Erma Martin Yost, I met her last year at a book making workshop, and really love her work. She creates wonderful texture, and emotion through felting, stitching, and adding objects to her pieces.

I emailed her a few weeks ago to tell her how much I enjoyed her work and ask her a few questions and she graciously invited me to her home studio.  Her studio space, was perfectly organized ( made me wonder if mine will ever look like that).

She also showed me how her worked has evolved over the years, which was wonderful to see. I always enjoy seeing how people's work progresses. She started as an abstract expressionist painter.

Here are my 12 goals.

1. finish my maters thesis on creativity studies
Chapter 1 is finished, chapter 2 started

2. submit my work to two magazines

3. buy a used dresser for my studio and organize the space
Dresser purchased, now for the organizing

4. create submission piece of Somethings Looming Show

5. meet with felting artist and get advice

6. Make 4 more scarves with metal

7. Create woven design that works like a bow tie

8. get image of Dan and I for our 5 yr anniversary

9. design and launch line of scarf pins

10. develop an ornament design

11. become invovled/ more informed about Art Education Policy


12. Get my work sold in a new Gallery

Her work is currently on display at the Carlise Arts Learning Center, until Nov 5th. If you live in the area I strongly recommend that you go and check her work out.
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