Why we should all Fight for Art Education

Symposium challenges Americans to reappraise their value of art
Education in the arts may or may not lead to higher math scores, but the skills it does foster are just as necessary, panelists say.

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My Notes:

-work place needs people that are flexible thinkers, the arts train the mind to be flexible

-arts are undervauled in our socitey because they are viewed as a "frill" something extra, this needs to change

-Arts cannot stake claim to raising scores in other classes, but why should they have to, no one expects history class to improve algebra scores

- Art teaches, visual spatial abilities, reflection, self- criticism, willingness to experiments and learn from mistakes

-" Arts display some of the most positive profound and lasting accomplishments of adolscents. They offer a profound opportunity for young people to contribute. But you don't take that opportunity if you don't know about it from a young age. Seidel

- Sen Edward Kennedy- " The current harsher, more aggressive world, may well be due to the fact that we're not giving people opportunities for a gentler world."
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