My Week

Good morning, I had a really great week, I just didn't take any photos for some reason,so there won't be photos with today's post, sorry. I spent a ton of time creating, and hope to get photos taken and posted this week.

On Saturday I went to the Mt. Gretna art show with a wonderful friend. We've known eachother since high school, and it's great to catch up. The art at Gretna was inspiring, and it was such a perfect day.

Sunday I met a wonderful bride about photographering her wedding. They are getting married at York Country Club, what a pretty place, and fun couple.

I also went into my classroom Sunday afternoon for a few hours. It was good to just get in there and get work done, and begin to figure out what I will be doing to start the year. I can't believe that my room is going to be full of students on the 29th, this summer went so fast, but I"m excited to see the kids again.

I also finished reading The Happiness Project, great book and easy read. I'm going to do a Happiness Project, but it did make me think about somethings that I could change that would makek my life better and more peaceful. Here are a few things that I"m going to focus on doing, and think that they should be especially helpful with work starting up again.

1. Spend 15 minutes each day cleaning/ putting things away ( this if from the Happiness Project) I really hate to clean, and am bad a putting things away, but I also get annoyed when everything is a mess. I know that if I can just get myself to put in 15 minutes a day it would really be helpful, and keep me from having to do due huge cleaning days, that make me mad.

2. I ride my bike to work, which means that I normally leave the house around 5:45am, I really don't love getting up early either. So I'm going to start packing my bag the night before to take away the stress of not being able to find what I need in the morning, and only having a few minutes before I have to get out the door. For some reason I have always waited until the morning to pack my bag, I change clothes, and do my hair and make up once I get to work, so I have to pack a lot. The last minute packing has resulted in my arriving at work without underwear, a bra, and shoes, all of which are rather necessary and make the start of the day a bit stressful.

3. I"m going to keep a food log. My husband is a personal trainer and an amazing cook. He works hard to keep healthy food in the house, and makes us wonderful meals. But I tend to find ways to cheat, I want to stop cheating. So I have given my husband full control over what I eat, and will be keeping a food log to help keep me accountable.

Those are the three goals that I am going to focus on for now... I may add more as I go along, but don't want to many that I can't even remember them. What would you like to change in your life? Pin It

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