My Weekend

I've decided that on Monday's I'm going to try to write a little bit more about myself, so that you can get to know my better as a person, and how my life influences my work.

This weekend was rather low key. My husband was away for a weekend of mountain biking, I had been hoping to get a lot of work done in my studio, but that didn't happen. I spent most of the weekend relaxing, sleeping in, and watching movies, which I guess really isn't a bad thing, it's just not what I'm used. Since I teach full time, I don't get the chance to have large chunks of time in my studio during the week, therefore getting to spend an entire Saturday in my studio is gift, one that I am often remiss to give up for much at all.

But the weekend was not totally a waste, I get to spend a lot of time cuddling with our dog and cat, separately of course, as there is very little love between the two of them. We have had the cat for over a year now, and our Shiba Inu, still hates her to the core. Our cat has acquired her own bedroom, so that she can find solace from the dog, and the dog spends most of her time at the door to the cats room, so that the cat is not allowed out. I"m just waiting for the day when the two will tolerate one another. My husband says that that day will never arrive.

In my art world: I've been thinking about making bags for awhile, but had yet to determine what I wanted them to look like, that solution did float into my brain this weekend. I decided that I want to use the smaller pieces of woven fabric that I have piled up waiting for a use and create small clutches. I"m pretty excited about doing this. I just purchased some purse frames on etsy a few minutes ago and am anxious for their arrival.

I have two more grad classes beginning this week. While I love learning I am not the biggest fan of writing and I have a 50 page paper looming in the midst. Just three more classes and I"ll be finished with my masters. I am getting my degree in creativity studies through Union Institute and University of Vermont, the whole program which is nice, as it allows for a flexible schedule, and no driving. I am learning a lot about the creative process and hope to share more about that with you all in the coming weeks. I do feel strongly that creativity is an important part of our lives, a part that many ignore, and a part that our schools so often do not value. In PA where I teach, budgets are being cut and many public schools are saying goodbye to art programs, or keeping art programs, but saying goodbye to funding for supplies. This is beyond disturbing to me. So far I am lucky enough to work in a school that is keeping their art program and still funding the supplies, but it breaks my heart to see the arts being pushed aside by many and not valued. So my new plan is to dedicate this blog at least once a week, to why creative thought is important to our lives.

I hope that you all had a restful and enjoyable weekend. Pin It

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