How to Create HDR photos

I'm currently teaching my Photo II students how to create HDR photos, I"ve been having fun playing with the technique as well so I thought that I would share with you. I haven't gotten to take many photos yet, but here's what I have. I'll share more later.

The first thing that you need to do is set your camera for bracketing. Here are the instructions as to how to do so on a Nikon D50.

1. select menu
2. select the wrench image
3. select CSM/ Setup Menu
4. select detailed
5. select the pencil icon
6. scroll to 12. BKT set
7. select AE & Flash, choose which of the settings you wish to play with

When you take the photos you need to have your camera on a tripod or something sturdy, don't try to hold the camera. You should have your camera set to a large aperture opening. You should take three to five photos at each scene, this will give you varying exposures.

Once you have taken your photos, you're ready to put them onto the computer. The following instructions are for Photoshop CS4

1. Open PHotoshop
2. go to file, automate, merge HDR
3. click browse, select all photos that you wish to marge together, hit ok
4. it will show you a preview of your photo, hit ok
5. go under, image, mode, and change to 8 bit
6. Change to local adaptor instead of gamma and exposure
7. play with your exposure until you like what you see
8. go to filter, sharpen, smart sharpen, and move it all the way up to 500
9. if you wish to make further changes you can play with the curves.

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