Jason Lyons speaks to Boiling Springs High School Students

Artist Jason Lyons visisted Boling Springs High School to share his work with interested students. Jason shared his processes and inspiration for making art.

Jason says about his work; " Some of my earliest memories are of trips out "junk" hunting iwht my father and of spending summers traveling the art show circuit in the family's red VW bus. This and a childhood spent camping and hiking has greatly influenced my inspirations and mediums I sculpt in. My inspiration comes from the visual images I hold in my head. Every sculpture is an artistic adventure that begins with a single piece of raw material. I can sense exactly what a certian item is to become just by its very shape, material, and innate energy. Many times, ideas and inspirations for a sculpture will begin with just a single piece of metal and the sculpture literally grows from that humbel beginning.

My formal education, as well as much of my daily life, revolves around art. I excel in areas that focus on creation, on creating something from nothing. To me, it is the organic nature of art that guides my hands towards sculpting. I use the elements of the Earth to give life to the figures that I create. Consisting of primarily wood and metal, augmented with, well, whatever else I can find, I then construct my sculptures with the use of fire. These Earthly elements are a natural inspiration for me and lend themselves to the organic figures that I create. "
Where you can find Jason Lyons work:

Perry County Council of the ARts- Newport, PA

Sweet Mabel Gallery- Narberth, PA

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