Orange Scarf

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Grad class has begun again and for one of my classes, I am weaving and journaling while I create to record my thoughts while creating. So I'm going to share some of what I wrote while making this piece.

While making this scarf I listened to Iron and Wine

- When I started making this piece it was a tight straight plain weave, however while weaving I felt too tense, I needed to relax and let go, so I started moving the weft strings. I love the movement that this creates, and it was very relaxing.

_ I was trying to find a way to make the bright orange color both exciting and calm at the same time. The color itself if is exciting, and the movement of the yarn is calm. Curved lines are calming to me

_ After I finished the piece, I began to contimplate if I wanted to sew into it, and if so how. Sewing designs into the pieces is always a bit intimidating to start. Once I've sewn something it's very hard to remove without damaging the weaving, so there really is no turning back.  But I didn't feel like the piece was finished so I decided to add some delicate stitching into the piece.

- What I wrote: " It's off the loom, I"m trying to decide if it's complete- shoudl I let it go or sew into it- I still have more forgivness ( weaving helps me to practice letting go, and forgiving), a need fore more stiches, but is that my need- or the need of the piece. I then began sewing. Pin It

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