Natalya Sots Tea Pots

Since the weather has been getting cooler, I love drinking coffee, tea, or hot apple cider. If I had a tea pot as much fun as these, I think that I would make tea all of the time. You find these and more here:

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Hello, my name is Natalya Sots.

Thank you for visiting my store! As a child growing up in Kazakhstan with neighboring Russia China and Mongolia I had real interest in color ceramic clay and culture. With the love of ice skating and the colorful costumes, I commenced the arts with music, dance and art classes. Enjoying this very much I came to spend many hours in classroom which at times ran into the night to become an art teacher where I taught painting, drawing, theater, sculpture and craft for twelve years. The lessons I taught had profound effects on my students who keep in touch with me as they went off to become prestigious architects, designers, art teachers and moving to cities such as Milan, Paris, NY and Chicago to name a few. This brings me such joy to see my children grow up to such success.

I continue to teach here in Chicago in my in home studio, private lesson to students who also share the same love. I also make enjoyable art pieces to look at and that are fun to use. I hope you like them too. Have a wonderful day!

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marty said...

These make me smile big. Thanks!